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As leaders, visionaries, educators, and creatives, when we are up to big things, we often feel pulled in competing directions. It’s easy to be distracted by new, shiny objects, or be swayed away from our soul’s calling due to doubts and fears.  We may find ourselves going through the motions on autopilot.  We can get caught up with “shoulds” based on old stories, and we can lose our connection to our inner wisdom when we place too much emphasis on what others think we should do.

Every day is an opportunity to choose how we show up in the world and practice being the leader we aspire to be.  Our daily decisions actualize our purpose.  The choices we make and the actions we take create our reality.  

Every day, we have an opportunity to make decisions that reflect our life’s purpose.  

How do we learn to tune out the distractions and prioritize what matters most when it comes to making decisions that affect our wellbeing, work, relationships, and personal lives? Decision making is about taking charge of our lives - using the opportunity to anchor each of our decisions - large and small - in our purpose and values.  

Are you grappling with a decision you need to make right now? If you are experiencing discomfort or are challenged with making an important decision, join our supportive community of purpose-driven leaders on December 9th and discover more ease and clarity on what’s a YES or NO in your life.

Our goal is to have you walk away with increased awareness, tools, resources, and a supportive community that will help you find more clarity and ease in living and leading on purpose. The flow of the day will include:  

Know Yourself 

First, we will reflect on how we tend to make decisions. We’ll explore lessons from our lives and identify patterns and trends that can inform future decision-making.  We’ll look for examples of decision-making that worked well and identify any triggers that we need to be aware of, knowing that challenges in decision-making is often a symptom of something deeper.

Connect To Your Purpose  

We’ll anchor ourselves (or re-anchor ourselves) in what’s most important so we can use this as a guidepost for making decisions.  We will each create a symbol or mantra to guide us in making decisions.  Of course, if you have a vision board, vision map, or any other artifact that reflects your purpose or values, please bring it!  If you don’t, no worries.  :-)

Being With Discomfort  

We will discuss and practice strategies to develop greater capacity to be in the discomfort and dissonance that can arise when making purpose-aligned decisions, and we will identify strategies to address our specific decision making triggers.


We will use our increased awareness and new tools to apply this process to a current decision that you are needing to make. This could be an individual decision, or a decision that you need to make with others: a business partner, team, or family member. We’ll practice aligning around our individual and/or shared purpose, and aligning decision-making with this overall intention.

Support & Community  

It is critical to have the support of others when we are up to big things, which is why we are creating these events and doing this work in community.  You’ll have opportunities to connect with other purpose-driven leaders so we can support each other in discovering and doing the work that we are here to do.  



This interactive experience includes:

  • A nourishing buffet lunch, guided meditations and illuminating conversations to nourish your body, heart, mind, and soul

  • Time alone and with others to examine how it feels to live in alignment with the truest expression of your purpose
  • Differentiated work time to support you in getting what you need from this day, whether it’s time alone, time with a small group, or time 1:1 with a coach
  • Invitation to Facebook Group dedicated to Leading On Purpose where we can support and inspire each other on this journey

Saturday, December 9, 2017  
10:00 am-3:00 pm

3-4pm optional networking happy hour

The Octopus Literary Salon (Voted Best Cafe by East Bay Express) 
2101 Webster St at 22nd St
Uptown, Oakland, CA

3-min walk from 19th Street Bart Station
Parking Garage and Street Parking Nearby

Sample Menu

Spinach and farro salad 

Thai tofu salad

Seasonal vegan soup 

Seasonal veggie quiche 

Sweet potato and tofu banh mi sandwiches

Fresh baked cookie and brownie plate

Coffee and tea available all day


Sign up with one of our suggested donation options ($399, $299, or $199). Our intention is to make this offering accessible to all!



Choose one of our sliding scale options:

$399: Covers food & venue, facilitator time, event materials, and sponsorship for scholarship participants

$299: Covers food & venue, facilitator time, and event materials

$199: Covers food & venue and event materials

Scholarships are available as well! Click here to request a scholarship.



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